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B12 Lipotrophic “Skinny” Shots





Are you feeling fatigued, foggy brained, sore from workout, and feel like you’re having a hard time burning fat? Take advantage of this one-time deal on our most popular B12 Skinny Shot!


B12 Skinny Shot comprises of four main ingredients: Vitamin B12, B6, MIC, and L-Carnitine. It is newly compounded in a Lipoden gel which allows your body to absorb and utilize the nutrients far more than the regular B12 injections! This shot will not only boost your energy, but it also breaks down and dissolves fat and suppresses your appetite to promote healthy weight loss. For us athletic folks, this shot not only helps you get more cut, but it gives a quick boost in your muscle performance! It also helps you recover faster from your work out!

There is no down time, and you will feel the effect as quick as the next day, for some, even the day of!


Here’s the information on each ingredient and the wonderful effects it has on your body!


Methylcobalamin (B12)

B12 (Methylcobalamin) boosts energy and increases your metabolic rate. It helps you burn stored body fat, detoxifies the body, gives you mental clarity, increases red blood cell production (awesome for athletic performance), maintains healthy liver, help regulate sleep, mood, appetite, and energy. It also slows aging, and help protect your nervous system.

Pyridoxine (B6)

Pyridoxine is a vitamin that plays an important role in healthy metabolism, muscle movement, memory, recovery from exercise, nerve function, healthy cholesterol levels, and reduce inflammation in your blood vessels. It relieves joint pain and muscle aches, and enhances your mood to experience less pain in general.

MIC – Methionine, Inositol, Choline

Methionine is an amino acid that helps break down fats in the liver, helps lower cholesterol and fat build up in the body and in your arteries and veins, helps relieve fatigue, and lowers histamine release. Inositol also breaks down fat, reduce cholesterol, and controls serotonin, which is known to control mood and appetite. Choline helps liver excrete chemical waste, metabolizes fats and cholesterol.

L- Carnitine

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that transports fat into your cells and break it down to generate energy. It helps decrease fat mass, preserve muscle during exercise, and reduce muscle fatigue. It also helps your body burn fat for fuel instead of carbs, helping your body actually burn fat during exercise.


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