“I can just sense something’s slightly off with my child’s health”


Your child brings meaningfulness to your life. Your first, second, and third priorities are all about your child’s safety and health. So Intuitively you’ve developed a very sensitive ability to detect even the subtlest changes in your child’s behavior, mood, appetite, sleep, etc. You can’t help but wonder if everything is actually as seemingly alright with your child, or if there is some sort of health issue secretly lurking around in that tiny precious body. You crave for that sense of security that comes with knowing that your child is healthy and will grow into a happy, strong spirited, and vibrant adult. But you’ve tried talking about these concerns about your child to others, and may have even consulted a health care professional, but everyone seems to brush it off, saying kids your child’s age often behaves that way. If only you could find a doctor that looks deeper into your child’s health like you do, it would bring so much hope and comfort to your worries. It would mean the world to you knowing there is someone else out there, a doctor, that invests a lot into your child’s health.



Children often do not verbalize and articulate exactly what is going on with their body. But they sure express it in other ways, through different signs and symptoms. Mothers are able to intuitively pick these cues up, but doctors often overlook them.


More and more, health care professionals are avoiding treating pediatric population. Illnesses and diseases in pediatric population such as autism, diabetes, asthma, celiac, inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, allergies, Tourette syndrome, and many more are growing by the minute. However, not enough emphasis is put on addressing the needs of solutions, but is instead put on more tests, diagnosis, and endless activities with no appreciable results.


This is what makes Dr. Alice different. She is on a mission to change the health of of all the kiddos in the Orange County area. She recognizes that there are physical, emotional, and chemical injuries and insults that invisibly comprises the nervous system in subtle and not so subtle ways. The brain and nervous system control health, emotions, behaviour, and every function in the body. Like an onion, these insults accumulate in layers after layers, which eventually turns into enough layers to push past your health threshold, and the damaged nervous system expresses itself as diseases.


Unlike cases involving adults, physical pain is almost never experienced in children and teens, so it is even harder to detect how close they are to falling over the edge. This is why it is crucial to start removing the layers of damage as much as we can, as soon as we can. This is also why Dr. Alice loves treating children, because children, compared to adults, had less time in their lives to accumulate various insults. If we can start removing these layers as soon as we can, then we would be able to change their whole health potential, so that they can enter adulthood as their healthiest and most vibrant versions of themselves.


If you would like a free basic baseline assessment for your child to start detecting for any signs of nervous system issue, then fill this chart out, and make sure to write down the age that your child expressed each symptom. Email the filled out form to our office at Take the first step to your child’s bright future! Make a FREE Baseline Assessment today and get your child back on the road to health and restore your peace of mind!


Click here to download the Baseline Health Assessment.



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