What makes Dr. Alice so special?

Hi there! So what makes Dr. Alice so special? That’s a great question.  So we all know of people, or we may be one ourselves, that have really slipped through the cracks of the current health care system.  As a result, they are left feeling hopeless, isolated and lost. They feel that a lot of doctors have given up on them or they are just not getting the care they desire and deserve.  My office is dedicated to making a one on one connection to people who have been let down. There is way too much technology today and not enough creating relationships with each and every patient.  I love helping people that have been told there is no hope.  Some people don’t know what naturopathic doctor is, but it’s not complicated at all! I help people that haven’t had help in other places.  As a ND, I have many choices for treatment to pull from to get you to the place that you want to be. They are like different colors of paint an artist would use, and I can use whichever one I seem fit for your health. And in truth, you don’t even have to understand these different kinds of treatments, just know that alone or in conjunction…they work when other methods don’t produce results.  I stand behind you at all times during your care. If you saw my bio and my story, you probably noticed my two cats in my picture! My cats mean the world to me, and this might sound funny but I love and take care of my patients as much as I do my cats 🙂

What makes Healing Hands different from other clinics?

If you feel like there is something mysterious and unusual about our office, you are absolutely right! Many of our patients have been to other doctors before, including other naturopaths, medical doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, and even herbalists. So what makes our office so different? We ask for higher levels of commitment, but superior results are well worth it. We never give up on our patients, and our patients are willing to put forth the effort to achieve results. And when we join together, it sets the stage for miracles.

What kind of people does Dr. Alice see?

Hi! So, some of you may have heard that people have been getting crazy results in our clinic. ‘How does this happen?’ you might wonder! I can’t take all the credit for it! I am super blessed to have patients who put their health as their number one priority and take their health very seriously. They are so committed to their health and work very hard to regain and increase it. We ask for higher levels of commitment from our patients because I give everything I’ve got to them, and when we join together, we set the stage for miracles to happen. If you have been let down by the current health care system and are looking for that doctor that promises to never give up on your health, then you are absolutely welcome to join my family here at Healing Hands Family Wellness!  I only accept cases that I truly believe I can help.

What is Dr. Alice's view on Insurance?

Hi there! In my office patients are very committed to their health.  They usually have been to other health providers who were on their insurance plan.  Even though they were covered by insurance, they did not experience results.  This is a reality that far too many people face with insurance coverage.  I believe every person deserves to express more health, regardless of age or illness or insurance coverage.  Patients here are Healing Hands recognize that they get very special and individually tailored care in our office. I have many modalities and treatments to pull from, and though many other doctors are limited by what insurance allows them to do, I am not! When insurance companies start to control what doctors are allowed to do, it is like having their wings clipped back, and many patients do not get the same results that way. This is why I do not take insurance. This way I can really get the results that you deserve. Another reason why I do not take insurance is because a personal trainer can work as hard as he can to get people in shape, but ultimately it is the effort of the person getting trained that dictates how much weight they lose and fitness they acquire. If your health matters to you, it matters to me. I ask you to commit fully and take ownership of your own health care and really invest in it.  Together we can accomplish the seemingly miraculous!

We’ve Re-branded!

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