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If you feel like there is something mysterious and unusual about our office, you are absolutely right! Many of our patients have been to other doctors before, including other naturopaths, medical doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, and even herbalists. So what makes our office so different? We ask for higher levels of commitment, but superior results are well worth it. We never give up on our patients, and our patients are willing to put forth the effort to achieve results. And when we join together, it sets the stage for miracles.

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Now at Healing Hands!!

We are offering FREE Baseline Health Assessments for Babies, Kids and Teens! These are a way to find out how your kids are doing in terms of these 6 key areas: Personality, Behaviour, Emotions, Immune System, Sensory Integration, and Learning.

If your child has frequent meltdowns, is highly sensitive or irritable, has trouble with their peers, has self-destructive habits or are, for the most part, unhappy, we are here to help.

Perhaps the situation is not serious yet, but if you want to find out more to prevent your child from going down a painful path please click on the link below.

By filling out the BHQ, your child will receive a free consultation with Dr. Alice either in our clinic or via Face Time.

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Healing Hands Family Wellness is now called

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